Overland Haulage

Olizki supplies large-scale haulage services for mining products throughout Israel. We specialize in the haulage of products from the work site to the unloading site in accordance with the client’s request. Our company promotes a policy of zero-percent accidents and utilizes the constant services of a transportation safety officer.

Olizki has a fleet of modern trucks, including trucks that bend in half, each with a capacity of up to 59 tons (inclusive), heavy equipment transporters and support tow trucks. Our company is equipped logistically to handle projects round-the-clock, in difficult terrain and with a particularly high capacity level. We also employ subcontractors who enable us to provide services to several places simultaneously, to meet the required deadlines and to even finish jobs ahead of schedule.

The subcontractors our company employs are similarly committed to attend and actively participate in a periodic program of safety training sessions that the company organizes.