Real Estate Development

Oniram Enterprise Ltd.

Part of the Olizki Group, is today engaged in the erection of a structure for sheltered housing in the prestigious Tamar site in the city of Yehud-Monosson in central Israel. The plot on which the Group’s sheltered housing structure will be built is located on the fringes of the Tamar site and the residents of the future structure will enjoy a breathtaking natural landscape.

There will be 117 sheltered housing units in the planned 10-story building, which will have a magnificent lobby and will supply all necessary services to the residents.

Urban renewal

The Olizki Group has begun to become actively involved in the field of urban renewal and is focusing on high-quality districts in the heart of Tel Aviv.

In the context of its urban renewal activities, the Olizki Group has joined forces with the veteran Yanoshevsky Group. These two corporate groups are utilizing their many years of experience and their financial solidity in order to provide their clients with an optimal level of service.

A subsidiary, O.Y. Fable Site Ltd., is currently engaged in an urban renewal project on prestigious Feivel Street in the center of Tel Aviv.

The Olizki Group has identified the changes that can be anticipated in the real estate field and has begun to become active in the real estate market in Spain – with particular emphasis on Barcelona.
Through its subsidiary, Trodol Inversiones S.L., the Olizki Group intends to erect a prestigious residential structure, Lepanto, in Barcelona’s Eixample district.