Olizki has a long-term contract for the mining of phosphates in the Dead Sea region and has for decades served as a subcontractor for the Israel Chemicals Group’s Rotem Amfert Company. Our mining activities are carried on round-the-clock and throughout the entire year through an impressive, modern fleet of trucks and engineering vehicles that we have purchased and which we maintenance in our corporate garage and in dedicated garages in the field. We provide a constant, efficient supply of phosphates for industrial use – more than a million cubic meters monthly.

We attach high priority to keeping to a minimum the environmental footprints we leave behind in our projects. Thus, in the execution of our projects, we are very sensitive to the natural fabric of the project’s setting and to the need for restoring it to its original state immediately upon completion of our mining activity. We are able to do so thanks to our use of belts in our mining work and to the long surfaces that enable us to cover every layer that is excavated with a layer of “tefel” material from the belt adjacent to it.