Infrastructures for residential neighborhoods and for industrial zones

Olizki has for decades specialized in the construction of infrastructures for residential neighborhoods from A to Z and has been responsible for executing infrastructures for thousands of housing units. In addition, Olizki specializes in ground preparation and infrastructural work for the purpose of establishing industrial zones.

We plan and execute the work every step of the way and are especially sensitive to the needs of the residents of the neighborhood we are working on and the residents of adjacent neighborhoods. We are involving in every stage: from the opening up of routes for new roads to the creation of the necessary envelope and the connection of the neighborhood or zone to all the systems required for the full functioning of that neighborhood or zone. Our work includes the construction of access roads and landscape planning.

Our projects include the establishment of infrastructures for the following residential neighborhoods – Ahuza and Calaniot in Sederot, Neveh Oz and Kfar Ganim C in Petah Tikva, Holot in Rishon Letzion, Ganei Aviv in Lod, the 6th Quarter and Shachmon in Eilat – and the expansion of the town of Lakiah.