Olizki infrastructures Ltd.

Since its founding in 1973 as a private, family firm, the Olizki Infrastructures Group has solidly established itself as one of Israel’s leading infrastructure and civil engineering companies.


Olizki’s range of services include implementation and management of civil and marine engineering projects, management of mines, real estate development in Israel and abroad, mining and quarrying of open-pit mines, management of environmental projects, and maritime shipping.

We have the capacity for implementing a wide range of projects of varying dimensions for a large number of clients simultaneously and in a variety of markets. We are one of Israel’s leading companies with proven management skills, which, combined with expertise in engineering and technical work, reinforces our reputation as a major player in the field.

Our company knows how to supply cost-saving services and solutions through our team, which shares our company’s fundamental values, and we are proud of the way we promote our human resources while, at the same time, placing great emphasis on safety and sustainability. Our dedication inspires in our clients the confidence to trust our work in every stage of their projects.

We work in close cooperation with our partners, clients and suppliers, sharing with them our skills and expertise, in order to ensure that each project will be carried out in the most efficient, professional manner possible.

Our corporate culture adopts changes, welcomes new ideas and supports a collaborative, global approach in all the various aspects of our activities.

Smart resource management

We believe that optimal allocation of resources means the ability to train top-quality work teams and to promote subcontractors with the unique expertise we require in order to promote every project and to complete it in the best manner possible.


Safety prevents accidents

Work safety is a fundamental corporate value at Olizki. Our company invests much attention and many resources in order to promote and assimilate values such as those pertaining to work safety, to the preservation of human life and to a constant striving for a situation of zero-percent accidents.


Quality control

Olizki works with its clients in an atmosphere of total professionalism and  transparency in order to ensure the accurate high-quality implementation of every project. Our company regards quality control as a top-priority item on its agenda.

The successful completion of a project ensures efficient results, saves times and considerably reduces the need for future adjustments or corrections.


Involvement and efficiency

Our company’s management is actively involved in the management of every project down to the very last detail.

This active involvement and our careful, accurate management of our financial system make it much easier to arrive at decisions, to quickly set processes in motion, to efficiently delegate authority and to advance each project in the best manner possible.


We are part of the environment in which we live

We aspire to advance the subject of sustainability and to incorporate it in all our company’s activities and in the solutions we provide our clients. Olizki is particularly sensitive to the need for preserving the environment and works systematically to achieve the regional rehabilitation of the projects we manage.


Contributing to the community

We support local communities in Southern Israel through our role as a major employer in that part of the country, through our participation in and support of organizations and activities whose goal is to improve social solidarity and through our contributions to charitable organizations.

Operating Standards

Our company operates in accordance with the
ISO 9001:2015 quality management system standard.