Olizki group


olizki group is a constructions company in Israel composed of several companies which are the oldest and leading in the fields of mining, civil engineering, including in the field of earthworks, development, implementation of infrastructure works and marine works. In addition, the company engages in the field of entrepreneurship and quarries.

Due to the high professional standards, experience and careful management, the company enjoys an excellent reputation olizki group and is known for reliability, quality of the projects it performs and ability to meet deadlines and budgets set.

The operations of olizki group based on service oriented manifested, among other things, providing optimal solutions to the needs of its customers and the use of advanced technologies. To this end, the company maintains a large and diverse fleet of heavy mechanical equipment, trucks and special equipment, enabling it to quickly and effectively perform engineering work on a large scale.

The company has a professional engineering personnel and skilled with many years and rich experience, contributes to the company’s success and economic stability.


Latest updates

breakwater construction

A growth in marine engineering projects across Israel


In recent years, due to the discovery of natural gas off the coast of Israel, and the tremendous potential for commerce and trade through the Mediterranean,  there has been a massive increase in large scale marine engineering projects. Demand for projects.

Along with the renovation and significant expansion of the two main ports in Haifa and Ashdod, because of the increasing demand for international trade and the growing need  for rehabilitation and preserving the natural environment and coastal structures, Marine engineering has taken front stage in the infrastructure field.

 The unique nature of this work and the complexity of planning and execution in an unstable marine environment require extremely skilled professionals that understand the strict standards of occupational safety at sea as well as complex timelines.

breakwater construction

Quarries, rehabilitation and laying the groundwork for future projects

The existence of quarries is a basic necessity – it is the basis for every road, concrete product and construction project. The significant number of abandoned quarries that have become landfills as well as environmental hazards has lead the government to establish a fund in charge of the developing them into parks, green spaces and tourist attractions for the benefit of local residents. In addition, these areas have also been given the green light to be used for residential and industrial purposes, this means construction companies using quarries have to leave then in condition for future use.


Main Projects